Op deze Instagrampagina delen moeders eerlijke foto's van hun lichaam na de bevalling

Op deze Instagrampagina delen moeders eerlijke foto's van hun lichaam na de bevalling

‘Elk vrouwenlichaam moet na de bevalling worden omarmd, welke vorm het ook heeft.’ Met die boodschap openden verschillende vrouwen een Instagrampagina.

| Raounak Khaddari

Daarop worden ongefilterde foto’s, tips en teksten gedeeld om andere moeders te inspireren.

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Jorinde had na haar bevalling een postnatale depressie: ‘Ik huilde de hele dag om álles’


De pagina ‘Takebackpostpartum‘ is een ware geruststelling voor nieuwe moeders. Zo staat er onder een selfie van een pas bevallen moeder dat het oké is ‘om een uitgerekte buik of littekens te hebben na de geboorte van je kind. En het is ook oké om je daar even minder door te voelen.’ Waar de moeders niet aan doen: de schijn ophouden. Dat blijkt maar al te goed uit de foto’s die worden gedeeld.

“Mummy tummy (yes women grow body hair too). Someone recently said to me that I’d be able to get rid of my tummy pouch, I just wasn’t working hard enough, if I exercised more, and if I was stricter with what I ate I’d have a flat stomach again. Although it didn’t upset or affect the way I feel about my body, I believe it needs to be addressed nonetheless. _ My “tummy pooch” is a byproduct of three things- loose skin, an ab separation, and adhesions causing my scar to be pulled inwards (creating a dip.) It has nothing to do with my overall weight. LOTS of mothers wear marks from pregnancy and child birth and i’s a MISCONCEPTION that you can get rid of these marks through diet or exercise. You cannot starve your way to taut skin. Nor can you exercise away indented scars. Yes, you can work towards getting your stomach as flat as possible if that’s what you want, but these unrealistic expectations can be harmful. _ It’s ok to bare the marks of your pregnancy and birth proudly. The same as it’s ok to feel a little bit upset and like a stranger in your new body. It’s human. Learning to accept and love yourself as you are is a process- it’s ok if you’re not quite there yet. It’s also ok to work towards personal body goals, working out and eating healthily to sculpt your body in a particular way doesn’t mean that you have to hate the body you’re in now. On the contrary. It’s all about doing what makes you feel happy and accomplished. _ What is NEVER ok is someone telling you that you should work harder to attain an unachievable body image- so that you might fit THEIR expectations of what the female body should look like. That shit needs to be shut down immediately. If someone can’t accept your postpartum body or encourages you to change any aspect of the way you look because they don’t feel comfortable with it- that is THEIR problem, THEIR issue that needs to be worked on. It ultimately stems from their own insecurities. _ Never allow someone to make you feel bad about your body and never apologise for your body. Your body created life! If that’s not something to be proud of, to be in absolute awe of, then I don’t know what is!” @mamaclog #takebackpostpartum

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"April is c-section awareness month. The greatest love story of my life began here. Stretched beyond capacity. Cut open to meet you. Forever thankful for the stories these scars tell. _ I'm 18 months postpartum and my scar has faded significantly. My OB performed a reverse stitch. _ I started having contractions at 6 am and had my sweet baby in my arms by 615 pm. I lost my mucus plug at home and my water broke as soon as we got to the hospital. I went from a dimple dilated the day before to 4cm when we got to the hospital. I made it to 8cm dilated. I was unable to move from laying on my side with the peanut between my legs because every time I moved James heart rate dropped. Monitors went off and nurses rushed in saying we were having a baby. I thought it was time to push, but even at 8cm James had not come down at all. Emergency c-section was what needed to be done because they lost his heart rate. _ We delivered a very healthy, very alert baby boy in a matter of minutes. I vaguely remember anything from the OR after delivery or of the week that we had stayed in the hospital for complications I was having. I'm forever thankful for the amazing nurses and lactation consultant at our hospital that helped me to breastfeed and nurture my baby when I was unable to have my wits about me to do so. They literally held him to my boob and sandwiched my boob into his mouth, when that wasn't working they helped me hand express into a cup and syringe feed him. When he was crying inconsolably they were honest enough to suggest supplementing with formula until my milk came in. _ It wasn't the experience that I had hoped for. You know I wanted an all natural, essential oil, bounce on a yoga ball, get massages until I give birth type delivery. But I can't imagine a better story for how our little boy was brought into the world." @petitefitfox _ #cesareanbirth #birth #cesarean #cesareanawarenessmonth #cesareanbirthisbirth #cesareanawarenessmonth #cesareanawareness #birthwithoutfear #csectionscar #csection #postpartum #postpartumbody #takebackpostpartum

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Yup. This kid is upside down. Trying to unblock a milk duct 😂😂 Post partum looks a little like this 👊🏽 ✔Tired as fuck ✔Leaking tits ✔Infected and blocked milk ducts ✔A floppy gut ✔Uneven boobs ✔Tears (quite a few) ✔Covered in baby shit, vomit and piss ✔Bleeding cracked nips ✔Pretending you are listening to your 7 and 9 year old but you don't know what the fuck they are saying ✔Eating and drinkng more than you did when you were pregnant As you can see its super glamorous and I wouldn't change it for the world. Also this need to "bounce" back ? Our bodies carried a human for 40 weeks, birthed the bloody thing, the last thing we shoukd worry about is loosing weight, or getting back to normal, or trying to be a hero and do everything. I learnt my lesson with the first two. It does sweet fuck all for your mental health Thank your amazing body for doing such an awesome job. Don't expect too much from your self and remember this too shall pass. From a blistered nipple mumma xx @benessa_v #takebackpostpartum

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