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Deze man wil ons bewuster maken van onze geest en doet dat... poedelnaakt

Deze man wil ons bewuster maken van onze geest en doet dat... poedelnaakt

Een opmerkelijke Instagram-verschijning. De Londense Ben (36) plaatst naaktfoto’s om mensen – en vooral mannen – bewuster met zichzelf bezig te laten zijn.

| Yara Mureau

En naast de ellenlange teksten die hij gebruikt om dat te verduidelijken, gebruikt de Britse naaktfoto’s. Om het beeld extra te verduidelijken zullen we maar zeggen.

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The Naked Professor

‘The Naked Professor’ is het Instagramaccount van lifecoach Ben. Hij wil dat mannen bewuster worden van hun geest en zichzelf meer verbonden moeten voelen met hun lichaam. Om zijn tips en ervaringen te delen, wist hij dat hij onderscheidend moest zijn. En dat is-ie. Dat The Naked Professor niet bang is, is wel duidelijk. De foto’s zijn namelijk genomen op plekken die meestal extreem druk zijn.

Benieuwd geworden? Nou eh, dit is ‘m dan.

Now as some of you may have noticed, my recent posts have been less nakedness & more mindfulness & meditation. As I often get asked why I am naked in the first place, I want to take a moment to talk about it🤷🏽‍♂️ * I want to change the perception of mental health, what it is & how we can improve it. I want to bring awareness to some of the detrimental ways we unconsciously choose to live & to inspire those of you who are looking for inspiration to choose a path in life that suits you better. It might sound corny but I mean it, I'm passionate about this way of being. * So my images are here to, well bring a bit of shock and uniqueness to your instagram feeds, but also to represent & empower the words that I share. How? Well they are representing my quest for freedom & my search to find the inner courage to remove any masks that I may have worn to fit in with society. I am here fully expressing myself, this is the naked, raw version of me, unapologetically myself. I’m making a stand in not being afraid of judgement, it shrinks my true persona & leads me to normalise myself to fit in with society's expectations. That way of being didn't work for me, I didn’t feel truly alive. My images represent the creative nature I have within, the burning fire I have inside me to do something remarkable in line with my own dreams, of no longing living in autopilot mode doing what I think I am supposed to do. * So I hope my images do two things for you, 1) shock or attract you into engaging with my profile & the messages I share, 2) tell a story of vulnerability, freedom & creativity that embody everything that I write about. He may not be the most obvious of philosophers but I heard John McEnroe say that there is a direct correspondence between success on the tennis court & how freely you express yourself when playing. I believe the same can be said for life, I’m here to express myself fully. * My images aren’t easy to get, they require persistence & an element of bravery, but I hope they tell a story & serve a purpose. They are here to stay, just perhaps not in every post, either way I will keep sharing with passion & purpose, thank you for joining me🙏🏼 * 📸@alin.ostafe

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First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! I hope you all enjoyed celebrating with friends & family & that you aren’t paying too heavily for it today! * As we roll into 2018, this is a time of year when many of us start to look at what we want to achieve in the upcoming 12 months. The last couple of years haven’t been the easiest or most successful for me & as a result I once again find myself going into January saying to myself that “this will finally be my year”. On a personal level I’ve worked hard on my mindset & grown more into the person I want to be, but I haven’t succeeded how I would have liked in either business or in love, two significant areas of my life. * Despite investing huge amounts of time, energy & finance into a company I set up a couple of years ago, I haven’t achieved what I set out to do. Part of the difficulty with this has been my reliance on others to help me bring my vision alive, (something I don’t want to repeat again, hence why this blog is here today). Meanwhile in my personal life, 2017 saw the beginning and end of a relationship I had high hopes for. I hope to find my soulmate someday but for now, I am a single man once again. * Perhaps there is good reason for me to feel down about these areas of my life, but the way I see it, I haven’t failed, I simply haven’t succeeded yet. With a clear vision that makes me excited for my future, I feel alive & energised regardless of past successes or failures. Accompany this with a determination to take action beyond what many others will do (as some of my pictures may show!) & I can look forward confident that the difficulties I’ve faced are all part of my journey. These experiences have helped me grow into the person I am today, but they are in the past, where they belong. * Furthermore, through my endeavours, I’ve learnt valuable lessons & I now stand in a far better place to succeed, wiser, more fearless & more determined than ever. I can’t be sure what the future holds but it is my vision for what could be that fills me with hope & motivation for the future. It’s this that makes me feel alive.. * Continued in the comment below… * 📸 @alin.ostafe

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“Confidence isn't walking into a room thinking you're better than everyone else, it's walking in not having to compare yourself to anyone at all.” . This is a blog that is close to my heart. Contrary to the images you see as part of this blog, I am not an extrovert. I grew up as a naturally shy child, constantly seeking validation from others to enhance how I felt about myself. A way of being that stemmed from a lack of self love & deep rooted confidence. I’d like to share my story around the role confidence has played in my life & how I've learnt to boost my self-love by consciously living in tune with my true values & passions. . For a long time, I lived what I now term a shadow life, that is a life that wasn't really meant for me. I masked my happiness by living for the weekend & chasing short term fixes through alcohol fuelled experiences. These moments briefly allowed me to live free & temporarily numb the empty feeling I felt during the other 5 days of the week. I was what I now call fake happy, on the outside it looked good, but on the inside something was missing. . I’ve come to understand that I must align my behaviour and actions with the things that serve my soul if I want to feel alive & truly happy. With a dissatisfaction about the way I was living, I have spent a lot of time & energy into investing in my own personal development. I am here now to experience self liberation, to feel free, immersed in the things that i'm passionate about & to simply be more of my true self. . In making bold & difficult decisions for my life, I have made a greater connection with my soul, the place where inner peace and deep rooted self confidence & contentment truly stems from. Inner confidence comes from living a life where your behaviour & actions represent the things that truly matter to you, regardless of others thoughts & perceptions. . I’m not interested in living a fake happy life that ticks the social boxes so that everyone else thinks I am happy. I will follow my heart &, irrespective of what others think, make myself proud of the story I am living & the actions I am taking. To read the rest of this blog, visit my website (link in bio)... 📸@alin.ostafe

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Bron: The Independent | Foto: Instagram

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