Met acne of zonder: deze vrouwen bewijzen dat je hoe dan ook kan stralen

Het is uitgegroeid tot een ware trend: selfies plaatsen op Instagram waarop je acne duidelijk zichtbaar is. De vrouwen willen het taboe rondom huidproblemen wegnemen.

| Isabel Ockers

Want onzeker worden van een paar puistjes is zonde en niet nodig.

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Deze tiener met heftige acne inspireert met foto’s zonder foundation

Zo begon het
Em Ford probeerde in 2015 al de negativiteit rondom puistjes weg te halen. Ze plaatste selfies op haar Instagram waar haar onrustige huid duidelijk zichtbaar was, maar kreeg toen veel haatreacties. Op basis van deze haatreacties maakte ze de video bovenaan in dit artikel. Ook de bekende Amerikaanse tiener Hailey Wait heeft last van een onrustige huid en is daarom al een paar maanden gestopt met foundation dragen. Zij deelde haar onzuivere huid op Instagram en kreeg juist ontzettend veel positieve reacties.

Em Ford, die in 2015 veel haatreacties op haar huid kreeg.

Dear @kendalljenner, From one woman with acne to another, thanks for having the courage to stick your middle finger up 🖕🏻 at the petty minded idiots of the world 💁🏼‍♀️. When @kyliejenner called me to talk about my acne, all things skin, and how social media can make you feel - she mentioned how proud she was of YOU for dealing with your skin in the public eye... and girl 👏🏻 you’re a rock star 🌟 💁🏼‍♀️. Acne is a massive insecurity for people all over, and I truly believe that the only way to truly alleviate these worries, insecurities and fears, is to have more women like yourself, who live their life with a kickass IDGAF attitude about their acne and talk about how completely normal it is 👊🏻. I strongly believe that the more we talk about these things, the less taboo these conversations will become... The less judgmental we become of others. And the less insecure we become of ourselves. So Kendall 🙌🏻 thanks for kicking ass 🙌🏻 you looked freaking fabulous. Em x

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Hailey Wait, die onlangs stopte met het verbergen van haar acne en veel positieve reacties kreeg. 

To be honest, I’m probably not as confident as I seem. I’m still in the process of loving myself for everything that I am. It’s something that does take time, especially if you’ve been treated horribly for so many years. It’s hard to love myself when I don’t have the strength to leave my bed or the focus to complete basic tasks. This world was designed for people with fully functioning bodies and brains, and it can be so hard to love yourself when the world seems to hate you. Acne is the least of my insecurities. Just leaving this as a reminder that you’re still worth so much and it’s ok to not have everything figured out yet 💖 I believe in you all and self love does take time!! Think back on all you’ve survived and accomplished. You’re capable of so much.

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Terwijl Ford twee jaar geleden nog veel negativiteit over zich heen kreeg, is ze nu een van de voortrekkers van de hashtag #skinpositivity. Dit is het idee: vrouwen posten onbewerkte foto’s, waarin hun acne duidelijk zichtbaar is, en proberen zo het taboe weg te nemen. Het is niet zo dat de vrouwen niks doen aan hun huidproblemen, maar ze willen de boodschap overbrengen dat je niet minder mooi bent met puistjes.

Ook Kendall Jenner gaf volgens velen het goede voorbeeld door met haar acne op de rode loper van de Golden Globes te verschijnen. Meer internationale bekendheden, als Cara Delevigne, en social influencers doen mee met de positieve trend.

Kendalls reactie op een fan.

Deze dappere vrouwen delen ook hun huidproblemen op social media. 

{{ I didn't expect this many people to respond to this post. I want to help everyone asking what I use and I will make a short video later today explaining what i do. I have a final in like an hour so I'm just tying to study right now. My skin isn't perfect. But it has come along way and I want to share the progress with everyone}} I just wanted to make a little post about skin because I've struggled with mine so much, and i really feel like I need to stop pretending like i haven't. Especially in the industry I am trying to get into, it can be very deceiving about body image and skin. This is my skin at its worst on the lefts and now on the right. This was a hard time and I was very bothered by it. Didn't want to leave my room or even have my own parents look at me. I still have scarring left which I am working with a doctor to fix because to be a model you basically need to be "perfect". Which no one is and I am not claiming to be perfect at all. There are worse things that can happen to you in life than acne. But getting acne takes a really big toll on your life. I'm willing to answer any questions anyone might have. Just needed to get this out there because it is apart of who I am and my story. ( this was really hard to do so please don't say anything mean 🙃)

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No one is perfect - Left is me as a teenager. I struggled with acne for many years as a young girl, not only was it isolated to just my face but it affected my chest and back. This severely affected my self esteem and I had to stop modelling as a result. I'm posting this to hopefully help those out there suffering with acne or anyone worrying about the way they look because when I was young I wish someone would have told me that your looks don't define you and even the "models" you see on advertisements aren't perfect. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ For anyone wondering - I cured my acne with Roaccutane, many years ago, it was really harsh on my body but it was the only thing that worked, also anyone wondering about scarring - I'm really lucky I never scared ❤️ (got to thank mum for stopping me from picking)

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Skins been looking so much better recently 😍😍😍

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