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Dapper: 6 x deze vrouwen zijn blij met elke kilo die ze zijn aangekomen

Dapper: 6 x deze vrouwen zijn blij met elke kilo die ze zijn aangekomen

Terwijl veel mensen de grootste moeite hebben om af te vallen, is er tegelijkertijd ook een groep vrouwen die er alles voor over heeft om juist een paar kilo aan te komen.

| Steve van Velzen

Deze vrouwen vertellen waarom ze blij zijn dat ze aangekomen zijn.

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Deze vrouwen delen overwinning eetstoornis op Instagram

1. Hayley Harris

Vroeger at Hayley zo min mogelijk om dun te worden. Ze begon met Instagram toen ze in het ziekenhuis lag om bij te komen van haar eetstoornis. Volgens Hayley krijgt ze veel steun van haar volgers. Tegenwoordig voert ze actie tegen het ultradunne schoonheidsideaal.

2. Courtney Black

Courtney is een fitnessmodel en was er altijd van overtuigd dat ze graatmager moest zijn zodat haar spieren zo goed mogelijk te zien zouden zijn. Op het dieptepunt woog ze nog maar 44 kilo. Ze verhongerde zichzelf. Inmiddels heeft ze het roer omgegooid en eet ze weer normaal. Daarnaast is ze een succesvolle fitnessinstructeur.

3. Megan Jayne Crabbe

Do you wanna know the truth about gaining weight? Because I've done a whole lot of it. I used to believe that my life would end over a couple of extra pounds on the scale. I used to believe that losing weight was the most important thing in the world. I used to believe that there was no such thing as going too far, getting too thin, losing too much. Then I nearly lost my life. There were only two options left: gain weight, or die. So I gained weight. More and more. Anorexia morphed into binge eating disorder and within a year I'd gone from 65lbs lying on my death bed to 180lbs, right back to self loathing and wanting to lose weight more than anything in the world. I lost and gained hundreds of pounds over the years. I'd clawed my way back from the edge and still I believed that happiness could be found in the dropping numbers on a bathroom scale. Until I realised that no weight loss had ever made me happy. No amount of disappeared pounds had made me stop hating my body. And chasing thinness had made me lose much more than weight - I'd lost myself. Now I know that no matter how much extra jiggle might come along, nothing important about me will have changed. I'll still have the same heart, the same mind, the same passion, the same love. The scale will never be able to tell me anything about myself that truly matters. It doesn't have the power to define me - only I do. And I refuse to keep chasing that empty promise of happiness granted through restriction and self hatred. I'll take my happiness right now. We are all so worthy of it, exactly as we are. Don't be afraid of gaining weight, my love. There's a whole life for you to gain when you stop letting those numbers dictate your worth. 💜💙💚🌈🌞

A post shared by Megan Jayne Crabbe 🐼 (@bodyposipanda) on

Megan woog op haar dertiende nog maar 28 kilo. Ze woog zichzelf dagelijks, maar was nooit tevreden met haar gewicht. Ze is inmiddels wat aangekomen en is dolblij met haar lichaam. Ze gebruikt Instagram om mensen te leren dat er geen lelijke vrouwen bestaan.

4. Sarah Ramadan

2014 -> 2016 💜 It's nice to look back sometimes, to remember the seeds that started this garden, and all the colours that give you warmth. I remember being told once by a doctor in a treatment centre that there was no such thing as a full recovery. He said that I would just have to learn to "live with it" In translation, he suggested I had to compromise with life and death. I had to accept the presence of disorder, dismantle my growth at the hand of mediocrity. There was a line drawn in my focus, and extending beyond this mark was a life I always wanted. But like a craving to food, these dreams were suppressed the limits I learned. It took 3 more years after leaving that hospital to discover that compromise would never work. The odds would shift in one hand or the other, and in 2014, mediocrity nearly left me out of the picture. My heart and various major organs were beginning to fail. I was 68 pounds. The disorder was winning, and in turn, I was dying. A break through moment happened one evening after returning from the hospital. I remembered a moment of my childhood, when I was about 4 years old. I had long hair and refused to wear anything but gowns and tiaras. I ate birthday cake for breakfast, and Halloween Candy was my favourite 'season' of all. When a song came on the radio, I would sing over the lyrics as if the music was made for me and my musing. I would smile at my own reflection, counting the dimples on my face as prerequisite kindergarden work. And I had big cheeks too! Nice full rosy cheeks that were pinch-able and perfect. So perfect, that I wished for nothing more. So perfect, that I refuse to wish her away. Life cannot compromise with death, the same way strength cannot compromise with defeat. I have learned this through both pain and practice. Fighting is not easy when the fight is for a cause; I know no greater reason than to fight for love. For in love, I grow. #TransformationTuesday #VeniVidiVici #FightForGrowth

A post shared by Sarah Ramadan (@fightforgrowth) on

Sarah kampte enkele jaren geleden met een depressie en dit leidde tot een eetstoornis. Inmiddels heeft Sarah zich in het bodybuilden gestort en is ze dolgelukkig.

5. Margherita Barbieri

Because how could I resist? #recovery #anorexiarecovery #strongnotskinny #warrior

A post shared by Margherita Barbieri (@alwaysmargi) on

Margherita was danseres. Ze werd bij een aantal castings afgewezen en dacht dat het aan haar gewicht lag. Ze besloot flink af te vallen en woog op het dieptepunt nog maar 25 kilo. Inmiddels is ze van mening dat een gezond lichaam het belangrijkste is en is ze weer op gezond gewicht. Ze is nu blijer met haar lichaam dan ooit.

6. Connie Inglis

⚠️trigger warning ⚠️ contains discussion of eating disorders THIS IS NOT A BEFORE AND AFTER!!! This is my take on recovery. It's hard. It's shit. And it takes a long ass time. Everybody's recovery is different and everybody's recovery is worthy! 💜 This is my recovery, but it's my recovery documented in 3 pictures which is NOTHING compared to what actually happened. They show my physical transformation but not my mental one. These pictures are of me but they don't define me. I'm Connie. Yes I've had anorexia. Yes I am a 'typical' anorexic with a shocking 'before' and a socially suitable 'after'. But honestly if that's why you think I'm an 'inspiration' you should look at the millions of people who have taken it into their own hands to recover too!!! So many people on social media are BEAUTIFUL RECOVERY WARRIORS TOO!! But they aren't recognised for that because they don't look like the medias portrayal of eating disorders. They don't have my body type, so they were turned away for help and called a liar when they say they've recovered from ED. But can I tell you something?! THEIR RECOVERY JOURNEYS ARE JUST AS WORTHY AND INSPIRING AS MINE!!!! And so is everyone else's!! 💜 💜 (I use before and afters because they help me to see how far I've come) 💜 But everyone's recovery is different and a LOT of people don't have "before" photos. They don't have the shock factor to show you. They were told throughout their ed that they look so much better now they've lost weight. And after been asked why the hell they put it all back on again?! They don't get praise from everyone for their recovery. They don't get people asking to write articles on 'how the big girl recovered from anorexia.' ..... But you do with me.! That's not ok. Everyone's recovery is valid! And everyone. No matter what is SO MUCH MORE THAN A BEFORE AND AFTER!!!!! #positivebeatsperfect

A post shared by Connie💜🦄 (@my_life_without_ana) on

Connie heeft nu al tien jaar anorexia. Soms lukt het haar om op gezond gewicht te komen en op andere momenten vervalt ze weer in haar oude eetpatroon. Ze gebruikt haar Instagram-account om lotgenoten te spreken.


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