Geen idee of het lekker is, maar mooi zijn ze wel: deze 7 unicorn-creaties ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Geen idee of het lekker is, maar mooi zijn ze wel: deze 7 unicorn-creaties ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

De unicorn. Je kunt er niet omheen, ze zijn overal. Op je brood, in je koffie en als bagel. Want ja, daar worden mensen blij van. 

| Nina Smit

Van dit lijstje ook, vermoeden we zomaar.

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1. Unicorn Frappucino van Starbucks
De barista’s waren er iets minder blij mee (het glazuur op je tanden ook) want het is een behoorlijk klus om het limited edition drankje in elkaar te zetten. Het drankje is (helaas voor ons) tot 23 april alleen in de VS, Canada en Mexico te krijgen maar aan de foto’s te zien mag deze ook bést richting Nederland komen.

2. Unicorn broodbeleg
Al eerder schreven we over dit kleurrijke broodbelegFood-stylist Adeline Waugh besmeert met wat roomkaas en natuurlijke kleurstoffen de volgende broodjes:

3. Unicorn chocolade
Het Duitse merk Ritter Sport maakte zijn eigen chocoladevariant. Zelf beschrijven ze het als witte chocolade met yoghurt en een frambozenregenboog én ze bevatten ook nog een glitters. Wauw.

4. Unicorn bagels
The Bagel Store in Brooklyn maakt deze unit. Respect.

5. Unicorn lattes
Eerder schreven we ook over deze unicorn lattes. The End (wederom in Brooklyn) maakt ze zelf, geheel compleet met glitters en versiersels.

@jcompetiello24 FTW with this caption: . She looks like one of those frappe guys' girlfriends 🦄✨🦄

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Just another magic Monday 👌✨ RG: @butfirst_burpees

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6. Unicorn macarons
In deze van Mac Lab Bakery zit er zelfs ijs tussen. Geheel in stijl afgeschilderd met wat glitters en kleuren. De macarons worden vers gemaakt en zijn ook nog eens glutenvrij. Klinkt in ieder geval gezond, toch?

7. Unicorn noodles
Ja echt. De noodles komen van de foodblogger A.J. die hier het recept met je deelt. Nu verwacht je misschien chemische stofjes, maar je maakt het eigenlijk heel simpel met rode kool en citroensap.

Happy 420 beautiful people. I've made a delicious colorful rainbowl for myself with some curry cauliflower and satay sauce! 🌿Now some of you might now I've got nothing with holidays (expect Halloween, who doesn't like a huge dramatic dress up horror party 🤷🏾‍♂️), but if there's one day to celebrate I'd go for today. I'll take the opportunity to talk about an incredibly beneficial plant that has been demonized for way too long! We apparently live in a world where you can easily get some pills, cigarettes and alcohol without people even batting an eye but the moment marijuana's brought up the same people will get their crucifix and garlic bulbs. And heck I get it, who wouldn't if you've been told this plant is a monster your entire life. : Did you know it's healthy for the soil and has numerous health benefits for our own bodies. Hemp can be used to replace plastic. From seed to a couple of months hemp is able to produce paper instead of chopping down trees that can take over 30 years to grow. Look I don't judge and even though I haven't had a sip of alcohol in the past two months I do enjoy a good glass of wine/whiskey or cocktail but these are the things people actually die from. Every minute people die from smoking and alcohol related disease, yet no one has ever died from smoking weed🤷🏾‍♂️. I'm not telling you to go and smoke weed, because besides smoking there are other ways to use it, but then again I have nothing against smoking it PURE without any tobacco. Anyways, our beliefs might differ but the facts stay the same, nature has offered to us one of its greatest gifts and we shouldn't demonize it. Regardless of your opinions and views I've got nothing but love to share. : Have a blessed day and let me know what's your idea of the marijuana plant, whether it be for smoking, an environmental point of view or its medicinal properties. And let me know if you'd like me to go in depth on this topic on my blog! Also, does anyone no what kind of flower this is? : One Love 💚

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The fantasea bowl. Filled with pan fried rainbow kelp noodles, stir fried greens and fresh greens such as watercress to nourish the body, mind and soul. I'll post a recipe for a similar fantasea bowl asap. Healthy eating has never been so exciting, am I right!? If you want to learn how to make these naturally coloured noodles you'll find a post on my blog. Look for the unicorn noodles. : Tonight I'll have to substitute another class at my yoga teachers studio, the nerves are back but I'm sure it'll be a magical class. I can't wait to integrate everything I've been taught during my study so far. This past weekend has been really transformative, hence my absence. I'd love to take you on my journey, so expect some yoga related posts real soon. For now I'm going to let it all sink in and practice, practice & practice. : Have a blessed day everyone, enjoy this new week filled with new opportunities to grow and learn. Have you set an intention for the day? Mine is to simple embrace and let go. : One Love 🌹

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